3-Step Somatic Exercise for Better Orgasms

December 25, 2020

Somatic therapy exercises

If you are even slightly interested in alternative wellness, you have probably heard about somatic exercises & experiences. The concept of somatics can be traced back to the 12th century however, the genesis as we know it is in the 19th century and it started with the American innovator Genevieve Stebbins. Stebbins developed her own physical culture system and then one of her students, Elsa Gindler, returned to Europe to originate her school of movement education, and thus Somatic therapy exercise was born.

What does somatic mean?

Somatic describes any practice that includes movement to strengthen the mind-body connection so you can listen to your body’s needs. Basically, somatic movements are guided by your internal sensations but affect your body and mind at the same time. Depending on the goal, somatic movements can be applied in dance, yoga, workouts, meditation, etc. 

Do somatic exercises work?

Somatic exercises focus on the inner experience rather than how it looks outside. People who do intensive workouts will be surprised by the lack of movement in some somatic exercises but that does not mean they do not work. On the contrary, somatic exercises have a broader impact on the human body & mind than most traditional exercises.

Somatic exercise & therapy has a great impact on the human body. Some of the benefits include increased emotional awareness, pain relief, easier movement and all of these can lead to a more satisfying sexual experience and better orgasms. 

Is yoga a somatic practice?

At its core, yoga is a somatic practice, however, the way it is practiced nowadays does not lead to an embodiment. Rather than feeling and experiencing our inner and outer movements, in today’s modernized yoga, someone is telling us how to do a movement and thus we do it without experiencing it and focusing on how it makes us feel.

3-step Somatic exercise for better orgasms

3-step Somatic exercise for better orgasms

Female sexuality is an intricate business. 38% of women have trouble achieving orgasms frequently. Luckily, each day there are more solutions to this problem and somatic exercises are one of them. If a workout before sex sounds like too much work to you don’t worry. Somatic exercises require minimal movement and will release all stress and tension from your body in no time. They will also help intensify the connection between your body and mind which as we know is necessary for an enjoyable sexual experience. 

  1. Start by standing up with your feet on the floor. Try to relax your body.
  2. Shake your body out for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Lie down on the ground and try to integrate your body and mind.

Perform this exercise by not overthinking it. Simply release all the tension on your body and try to relax as much as possible. 

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