5 Household Items You Can Use As Exercise Equipment

March 25, 2020

Staying at home in these uncertain times can be challenging for many people. The isolation itself has dictated the way we live, what we do during the day, and of course, the way we stay healthy. When staying at home, it can become quite easy for us to overeat and not follow a healthy diet, but it is also more important than ever that we exercise and stay away from unhealthy food by consuming food that boosts immunity.

Home exercises have become everyone’s go-to, now that it is impossible for people to go to the gym. Although most exercises can be performed at home with no equipment, there are a few exercises that require tools to be 100% effective. The good thing is these can be improvised with household objects that we can find in our homes easily.

These are that easy to find and improvise that you might not want to go back to the gym after this pandemic is over.


A table or a counter space can be very helpful for your home exercises. Your dining table or kitchen counter can be helpful when you’re doing pushups. Of course, to keep the hygiene, don’t forget to clean them after you exercise.

Another thing you can use your table, especially your coffee table for is box squats. This will work up your leg muscles like nothing else. Of course, you can make the exercise even more intense by holding something as a weight. If you’re wondering what you can hold as weights, continue reading.


A chair is the most practical furniture in your home. It can actually be used in so many ways for your workouts that you might’ve never thought of.

You can use a chair of your choice as a bench to sit on when you’re performing exercises such as arm circles, arm lifts, etc. as well as triceps dips, chair plank, etc. You can also use a chair to perform the box squat, Bulgarian split squat, and many more. Don’t be afraid to be creative and improvise.

Laundry Detergent/Milk Jug

A laundry detergent bottle and a milk jug have the perfect shape to be used as kettlebells. These household objects come in handy in more ways than one. With a laundry detergent or a milk jug you can perform exercises as double-arm high pulls, two-handed swings, front squats holding the bottle out front, windmills, deadlifts, around the body pass, and even bent over rows.

Even when you finish these products, you can still fill the containers with water and continue exercising as normal. It really is amazing how well they work.


If you happen to live somewhere where you have stairs, you can use these as tools for your workouts as well. Not only are they good for cardio but you can even get creative with the step up step down exercises that work your butt as well as your legs.

Some other exercises you can perform on your stairs are the stair crawl, stair pushups, stair lunge, side steps, crab walks, and stair hops. When you perform all these exercises, make sure you are safe as to not injure yourself.

Water bottles

Water bottles are some of the most obvious home objects you can use as gym equipment. These will mainly work your arm muscles but they can be used for core & shoulders as well. Some exercises you can perform with water bottles are kickback and extension, bicep curls, etc.

If you live in a home that has a backyard you are really lucky. Not only can you use the space to work out now that the weather is getting warmer but you can also use things you find there as gym equipment. Some people have even used concrete, metal, and empty containers to make barbells. Don’t be scared to get creative! 

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