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5 Science-Backed Healthy Habits For a Longer Life

August 28, 2020

Everyone wants to live a longer and better life but today’s lifestyle and dynamic have made it hard to do so. Our 9-5 jobs, our fast foods, our stressful relationships,  and our messy sleep schedules have us tired and with no energy. Although the human lifespan has increased through the decades, the quality of life has decreased. This has resulted in many health issues, making it hard to go through our days without something bothering us. 

Although it is hard to lead a healthy and long life, it is not impossible. Science tells us that these 5 things can greatly improve the quality and longevity of our lives. 

Sleep More

Sleep is food for the brain. Although in the past people used to believe that longer sleep could lead to a shorter life, a new study has conducted that it is the contrary. The study was done on nearly 40,000 and the results are as followed. For people under the age of 65, getting less than 5 hours of sleep could increase their odds of heath by 52% in comparison to the people getting at least 7 hours of sleep.

Sit Less

Sitting is being called the new smoking but is it really that dangerous? A study conducted that people who replaced 30 minutes of sitting per day to light physical activity lowered their risk of early death by 17%.  

By simply walking to or from work can help reverse all the damage that sitting is doing to your body. Sitting can cause back damage, it can decrease your heart health, and it can also decrease your metabolism rate. 

Eat More Plant-Based

Science has proven to us that people who eat mainly plant-based live longer. A healthy diet, full of fruit and vegetables can add up years to your life, a new study shows. Researchers tracked the diet and activities of 34,000 people. The women in the study who followed a plant-based diet lived up to 6 years longer than the ones who did not. 

It can be hard for some people to transform their lives overnight. However, everyone can make slight changes in their lives. You can start by eating plant-based one day a week and see how it goes. You might just extend your life.

Be More Social

The human lifespan does not depend solely on our physical wellbeing. Our social activities and relationships play a huge role in the quality and quantity of life. Several studies have concluded that people who isolate themselves are at a higher risk of premature death. The stress of isolation can actually weaken people’s immunity and make them more prone to infectious diseases. 

By being more social and hanging out in groups you can actually expand your lifespan. Healthy & meaningful relationships are at the base of a healthy human. The expression that a healthy body equals a healthy mind goes both ways. A healthy mind equals a healthier body and longer life.

Work out More

It’s not new information that people who move more and work out are healthier but do they actually live longer? Alpa Patel, an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society says that people who exercise up to 450 minutes a week reduce their risk of premature death by 37%. 

Considering this, if you exercise at least 45 minutes a day and walk 20 you can actually live longer than people who don’t. To keep it from getting boring, you can introduce different types of exercise and physical activity. Try Yoga, Dancing, Running, or a sport you enjoy. Not only will you live longer but you will also feel better about yourself.
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