5 Tips On How to Make Your Abs Pop

July 10, 2019

Everyone loves abs. Not sure why that is but the core of the body is everyone’s favorite part to tone and exercise. One thing I can say is that they look good & they feel good.

Although they are the most popular body part, abs are not that easy to achieve. Women especially have a hard time getting to their abs but men have difficulties as well. You might perform countless crunches and sit-ups and still not see results. The secret is not in doing higher reps but in the weight you train with and the difficulty of the exercise. You also need to get to a low body fat percentage to achieve visible abs.

Here are 5 tips on how to achieve visible abs quicker:

Resistance Training

Resistance training is a form of exercise that helps strengthen the muscles and makes them more defined. As the name suggests, during the exercise you work opposite of a resistance force, be that weights, flex bands or a fitness machine.

By adding resistance and weight to your exercises, you force your muscles to work harder and become more visible. As you work towards your dream abs, continue adding resistance, not reps.

Train all the parts of the ab region

A mistake many people make is repeating the same-old boring ab exercises that target only a certain part of the abdominal area. The fact is that the abdominal area is a complex in structure area that needs to be exercised in many directions. When you exercise your abs don’t forget to perform different exercises that target your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques.

Train your abs at least 3 times a week

By training your abs more often you give them more time to grow and expand. Since they stabilize your core, they are active most of the time. This is why they need the extra time and effort. By exercising your abs more frequently you move closer to more defined better and more defined abs.

Clean your diet

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times over. Your diet matters as much as your exercises, and maybe more. What you put into your body translates into the way you feel and look. Most people’s genetics have them gain weight in their stomachs first. This is why for well-defined abs you need to have a clean diet.

Drink lots of water

If you do not drink enough water your body will go on saving mode. This means it will start to store water under the skin and will give the appearance of excess fat.

Drinking a lot of water is not only good for your abs but for your health in general. Water is good for your gut health, skin, brain and everything around it. Water actually fastens your metabolism so it also helps you burn more fat, which in return makes your abs pop.

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