6 Couple Workout Ideas for Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2021
6 Couple Workout Ideas For Valentine's Day

Everything is easier to achieve when you have someone to push and motivate you, especially when you are training. We have heard it a million times, couples who workout together stay together, right?

With Valentine’s Day so close why not spend the day working out with your significant other. Many studies have shown that doing something with a loved one or mimicry can increase empathy, liking, and help strengthen the interpersonal bond.

Why should couples work-out together?

There is a long list of benefits to working out with your significant other, besides spending more time together.

Sometimes you have those bad days where your motivation is low and for that, you have your loved one right next to you who knows your lifestyle and preferences to give you free pep talks. Meanwhile, you also become a better team, keeping an eye on each other to prevent you from getting hurt when you’re doing an exercise wrong.

To help you out for this Valentine’s Day we have put together a list of some exercises you can do with your partner.

6 Exercises To Do With Your Partner


This exercise is good for your chest and triceps. It is mainly for the upper body but can help strengthen the lower back also, and why not make it fun by adding a high five in between.

Both should face towards each other while doing push-ups and each of you should be taking the left-hand reach over and high five, place your hand down, do another push-up and repeat the same.

Hook Squats

The squat is a lower body exercise that mainly targets the thighs and glutes but other muscles play a role in this exercise too.

For this exercise, you both need to stand back to back with each other. Hook your left arm with your partner’s right arm, same on the other side. With arms interlocked slowly squat down so the thighs are parallel to the ground. When you are ready start turning clockwise and finish a full circle and then repeat.

Torso Twist

This exercise affects the abs area and oblique muscles.

Sit back to back with your partner about 10 to 12 inches apart, place your knees and feet about hip-width apart and keep your heels on the floor. One of you holds a medicine ball, but in case you don’t have one, you can use weights or a bottle of water. Start passing your medicine ball or weight to your partner, you can do ten repetitions on one side then switch to the other, or you can do both sides, depending on your liking.

Lateral Hop

Your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes can benefit from this exercise.

Have your partner do a plank in the meantime, you glue your feet together and start jumping from one side to the other side of your partner as if jumping over an imaginary line.

Bicycle Crunches for two

The main muscles this exercise affects, are the rectus abdominis, hips, and obliques

For this activity, lay down facing your partner, leg length. Place your hands behind your head and place your sole of the left foot with the sole of the right foot of your partner and vice versa. Then start moving your knee closer to your chest, and extend your other leg, like bicycle motion while moving your knee lift your head, neck, and shoulders, start twisting to reach for the opposite elbow to the bent knee. Keep repeating this.

Wheelbarrow push-ups combined with squats

With this exercise, you basically work every muscle group. Push-ups target pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids, while squats affect the back of the thighs, front of thighs, and calves.

Have your partner in a push-up position with straight arms while you carefully grab his or her ankles and at the same pace he/she does the push-ups you lower your knees and come down to a squat position.
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