8 Habits That Will Help You Lose 20 Pounds

July 31, 2019

Weight loss can be a challenge and it doesn’t come easy to most of us. Diets and exercises are crucial to a healthy lifestyle and they are the only way you should really try to lose weight. But something that most people struggle with is not the act of completing the exercise, but rather starting it and continuing to repeat it as time goes by.

A routine is the backbone of a healthy lifestyle. By putting your body and your life on a schedule you can stay consistent with your diet and exercise and won’t confuse your body about when it is time to sleep, eat, or workout. A routine is not only good for your physical health but for you mentally as well. A routine has proven to reduce stress and stressful life can lead to overeating, messy sleep schedule, etc.

Having a routine can ground you and make you feel more secure because even when you feel overwhelmed and all over the place, your brain has automated tasks and actions and doesn’t need to use a lot of power to figure out what to do. Another benefit of a routine is the fact that you won’t forget to do stuff you’re supposed to.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is essential for a healthy life. Your body is 60% water and uses it to regulate body temperature and maintain your daily bodily functions. But water does so much more than that. It also keeps your body and insides moist as well as your joints and spinal cord. Considering that you lose most of that water through sweating and urine, drinking plenty of water is crucial.

Drinking water can also boost your metabolism, help you control your appetite which in return helps you lose weight.

Plan Your Meals

Meal Planning is something many people practice successfully. Although it can seem crazy and boring to others, meal planning is actually a very effective way to lose weight. Planning your meals can help you stick to the number of calories you need to be taking on the daily and help you eat healthier in general. Meal Planning is associated with a healthier lifestyle in general.

Eat Regular Meals

People might think that skipping meals can help them lose weight but it only does them harm. Eating on a schedule can really help you regulate your body’s digestive system as well as boost the metabolism and encourage self-control as well. Eating regularly will help you eat mindfully as well because you won’t have time to binge.

Follow a Sleep Schedule

A well-regulated sleeping schedule is not only good for your health but can also prevent you from gaining those extra few pounds. Sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased appetite so sleeping more can lead to eating less.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast helps you set the course for the rest of the day. When you eat a breakfast that makes you feel full you attain the energy you need to start the day. A healthy breakfast, full of protein, will give you the energy you need to start off the day right. That’s why the habit of eating breakfast is important on your weight loss journey.

Eat Slowly

Your body sends signals to your brain when it gets full and you need to stop eating. When you’re eating too fast you don’t give your body enough time to send the brain signals that it is full and thus you end up eating more than you need to. Eating slowly is not only important to help you lose weight but also to help you better taste and enjoy the food you are eating.

Cut Back On Family-style Eating

When we eat with our families we tend to put everything on the table and help ourselves with more than we might need. This can cause us to overeat and gain weight. Cutting back on family-style eating you teach yourself to control your portions and eat only as much as you need to.

Pile Your Plate With Vegetables

It is easier to eat more than less. By replacing the food on your plate with healthier food like vegetables and removing carbs you make sure you are still eating enough but are also not gaining weight. Vegetables help you get in all the nutrients that you need from a healthy meal. They will help fuel your body & mind but also gain the energy you need to work out so you can lose the weight you want.

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