8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Fitness Lovers

December 4, 2019

Shopping for your loved ones is not the easiest thing. You wanna get them something meaningful but useful as well. Maybe they are picky, or maybe they haven’t asked for anything in particular. No matter how early you start planning, holiday gift shopping is always challenging. With the end of the year pressure at work, the idea of shopping individually for each person can stress you out.

Something you should keep in mind when buying for others is their hobbies and passions. If your loved ones are into fitness, fear no more, this holiday gift guide will save you from searching for hours for a gift.

People who are into fitness are probably the easiest people to buy gifts for. All they want is new gym gear or supplements from their favorite brands. So if you’re struggling to buy the gym-rat in your life a gift, continue reading.



Sneakers are a great gift to give to anyone but especially to someone who is obsessed with fitness. Good sneakers can be expensive so they are a great gift for someone you’re really close to and want to get something good for.

There are thousands of models from many brands and the colors you can choose from are endless. When you’re choosing the sneakers don’t forget to get the right size and focus on comfort. A cute shoe can be fun for the gym but nothing beats a comfortable fitness shoe. If you’re not sure about the style or color, go with the simpler design and the colors black, white, and grey.

New Gym Gear

New sneakers go perfectly with new gym gear. Something that can really motivate a person to go to the gym is new gym gear. New leggings and sports bra set, a new shirt or headband, or simply a good quality gym shirt can be the perfect present for someone who loves the gym.



If you’re thinking of the perfect gift for someone obsessed with fitness well, this is it. If your loved ones are obsessed with fitness, chances are they use supplements to make sure they are getting the necessary and important supplements. Protein powder, pre-workout, bcaa, collagen, etc. make great gifts for the people who use them. See Fitonomy supplements and bundles!

A monthly pass to their gym

If you’re looking for something else, an alternative to the gifts mentioned below, a monthly pass to a gym is a great way to spread the love. This one is the most practical gift of all because they will definitely need it and use it.

A Pilates or spin class

If they already have a gym membership you could treat your loved ones with pilates, spin, or yoga classes. They will make take them out of their routine for a while and they will be able to try something new. Who knows, maybe they will find a new passion for another activity.

A subscription to a fitness app

Something different and definitely unique you can give this holiday season is a subscription to a fitness app. New technologies have made it possible for us to get creative with gifts and this one is the perfect example. A Fitonomy App subscription is the perfect gift to give to someone who is starting to really get into fitness and want to elevate their workouts.

New headphones

A good workout is even better with good music…or whatever you’re listening to during your workouts. Headphones are kind of essential in today’s life, especially for someone who goes to the gym alone. Music can help motivate you and elevate your mood so you complete your workouts better and faster. They also make a great gift for this holiday season.



Fitness addicts love smoothies. And what better way to make them happy than providing them with the ultimate smoothie tool. A blender is not only good for making smoothies but also for cooking in general. With it, you can make healthy sauces and soups. As a kitchen tool, a high power blender is a must to elevate your cooking skills.

Gift Card

A gift card is the easiest and most convenient present you could give this holiday season. If you know what a person enjoys but just can’t take the risk of choosing for them this is the gift you should give. Or, you might just want to give that person the freedom to stock up on their favorite product/ something they’re running out. Either way, a gift card is a perfect way to say I care about you so much, I let you choose your own gift.

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