8 Incredible Foods That Will Burn Your Fat

July 19, 2019

They always tell you that you need to eat less to lose weight, but what if I tell you you can lose weight by eating more of certain things?

Food fuels us. It is also one of the things that determine our relationship with our bodies. How we eat and what we eat translates directly into how we feel and how we look. The lack of proper education around nutrition has lead people to practicing unhealthy diets, getting sick, and not enjoying their lives.

It is important that you are eating the right amount of food during the day but also that you are eating the right foods. If you want to lose weight you do not have to stop eating. There are plenty of fat burning foods that will not leave you starving and will help you lose those few extra pounds.


Caffeine is known to boost your energy and mood. That is why it makes coffee the perfect drink if you want to burn fat. The energy caffeine gives you can boost your energy and help you exercise even more.

But coffee can have side effects. Not everyone can handle the caffeine, especially late in the day or evening. Coffee can make some people jittery and shaky so it’s good to watch when you’re drinking it and the amount you’re drinking.

Green Tea

Drinking more than 4 cups of green tea a day can increase your weight loss journey and help you burn fat faster. Green tea helps fasten your metabolism which in return helps you burn fat faster and more effectively.

Supports the thyroid gland and it’s function, that way, fastening the metabolism and helping your overall health.


Turmeric is an Indian spice that is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also believed that it helps your digestive system, stomach issues, metabolic disorders, obesity, and many more problems. Although huge amounts of turmeric are not gonna magically burn all your fat, used in moderation and the right way, turmeric is an excellent way to burn fat.


Ginger is also one of the spices that are extremely anti-inflammatory and are great anti-oxidants. Including ginger into your diet can help with nausea, menstrual cramps, and muscular pain. Ginger is great as a tea & spice. One of the most popular ways ginger is used is actually on wellness shots. But that’s not all. Ginger can actually help you burn fat as well.


You would never expect eggs to burn fat but they actually do. Not only are they a great source of protein on your diet and have more than 13 essential vitamins, but they also help you burn fat and here’s how. The protein in the eggs fills you up and prevents you from having cravings. Eggs are high in protein and low in calories which is the perfect combination for those who want to burn fat.


Nuts are not only versatile and delicious. It turns out they can help you burn fat as well. They are rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. They are great in salads, cakes, sauces, and basically anything you can think of. They are basically the perfect healthy snack, I feel bad for people with a nut allergy.

Chia Seeds

You’ve probably seen all the delicious chia pudding recipes popping up on your timeline and wondered if you should try them. Well, I’m here to tell you that you should. Not only are they delicious and fun to make but they are also proven to help you burn fat due to the high percentage of fiber.


Avocado, the most popular food amongst young people. There is a reason that avocados are a lot of people’s favorite food to eat. The hype around them is due to their deliciousness, but avocados are also very healthy. They are high in healthy fats, vitamins K, C, and E, potassium, and folate. They are also very low in calories and high in fiber which is the perfect combo if you wish to burn fat.

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