9 Biggest Home Workout Mistakes That Are Killing Your Results

November 20, 2020

Home workouts are a great way to get in shape on a budget and stay safe. In the times of Corona, home workouts have become a necessity for everyone including gym rats and there’s no escaping them. If you’re looking to get fit in 2020, your only option might just be home workouts. 

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Most people don’t like home workouts because they see results too slowly, they can get injured, you do not have the advanced equipment and it can get lonely. All these issues come from mistakes people make when they work out at home. Here are 9 mistakes you can make when working out at home and how to avoid them.

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Mistakes you can make when you’re working out at home

You use the same routine

The number one mistake people make when they work out a home is they find a routine that is very popular and they use it all the time. Although a routine is necessary if you want to see results from your workouts, they can be bad for your fitness.

Update your workout routine constantly. If you’ve been doing it for a long time try switching up the order of the exercises, switch up an exercise from the routine, try switching the muscle you’re working out, etc. Spicing things up is always a good thing.

Too much Cardio, not enough Strength workouts

Cardio workouts are amazing for weight loss. However, there is such a thing as too much cardio, even if you’re only trying to lose weight. If you feel weak, your muscles are soft even though you’ve lost fat, if you’re not losing fat, or even if your joints hurt, these are all signs of too much cardio.

To make your workouts more effective make sure you throw some strength exercises into your routine. Strength exercises build muscle and muscle burns fat so even if you’re trying to lose weight, you still need strength exercises.

No Cardio

Just like too much cardio can be harmful to your progress; not enough cardio can be really bad for you as well. This one is a mistake that thin people usually make. We are taught that cardio is for weight loss but the truth is cardio does so much more than that. 

Cardio doesn’t kill gains and you should not avoid it. Cardio helps our metabolism and gets our system moving. Without cardio, we can become bulk and muscular but we are not going to be fit.

Not using progressive overload

When you work out your body starts to change and with it so should your workouts. Every day you become fitter, stronger, and can take on more things. Make sure that you check up on your progress every so often and you make your workouts more difficult.

You’re not consistent enough

The nr 1 killer of progress is lack of consistency. Whatever you do, make sure you are consistent with your workouts. If you’re working out 3 days in one week and then the other week you’re resting you’re not going to see results.

You don’t do warm-ups

Warm-ups are a critical part of a successful workout routine. Not warming up your body can lead to injuries the effects of which you can feel for years. If you’re working out at home add a proper warm-up session before you start, it can make a big difference. A good warm-up should raise your heart rate, loosen up all your joints, and stretch all the major muscles.

You work out alone

This one is different for everyone but working out alone can sometimes be a bad thing. Not only can you become bored but you can also slip into laziness and not finish your workouts properly. If you can, try working out with a buddy, partner, or roommate. It helps your workouts and your progress.

You don’t have a plan

Everything we have mentioned until now is not applicable if you do not have a workout plan. The lack of a plan can leave you unmotivated and frustrated. One of the main reasons people quit their gyms and their goals is because they do not have a plan to stick to. 

Before you start working out, make sure you set your goals straight, set a time to work out, and compile a list of exercises you want to do. Choosing your workout outfit, workout time & place can help as well. 

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