Benefits of Daily Stretching Routine

March 23, 2021

The majority of us go to the gym after work or before, it depends on the person and the daily schedule.
Sometimes during your work-out routines, you might have noticed that some part of your muscles is tight leaving you with a discomforting feeling.

Have you thought about incorporating stretching into your daily routine or at the beginning of your workout session?

Stretching is a very important part of working out even though you might think that it is just some time-consuming activity.

Let’s break it down, stretching has a beneficial effect on maintaining the length of our muscles so we can enjoy doing other activities in the gym such as cardio or heavy lifting.

Is stretching good?

Let’s say you work an 8-hour job in an office, you spend most of your time sitting at a desk doing your tasks. Staying in the same position for a long time can harm your muscles leaving you feeling stiff and your muscles tight. It will especially affect the muscles on your thigh and make it hard for you to stand up. 

Stretching keeps our muscles strong, flexible, and healthy. It is also good for keeping the joint’s range of motion. Without stretching, your muscles will shorten and become tight.
Doing stretches daily will help your muscles flexibility leaving your muscles ready when you need to do any kind of activity.

Stretching techniques

There is a variety of stretching techniques that exist, but the most common ones are:

  • Static
  • Dynamic

Static– this type of stretching is probably the most common, it is when you pull a muscle to its maximum range and hold it for 10-30 seconds.

Dynamic- this type of stretching is done usually before workout sessions, this includes doing a range of movement and not holding a stretch in one position for some time.

Benefits of daily stretching:

Doing stretches only when you feel a tight muscle won’t help you, although you might feel a bit better at the moment.

For maximum benefits, you should find the time to do stretch sessions daily at least for 5-10 minutes.

Some of the benefits that come with stretching are:

  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve posture
  • Improve range of motion
  • Decrease back pain

Increase flexibility

Muscles have a specific function, movement but how can we make our muscles more flexible when moving. Performing stretches regularly will help our muscles be more flexible when doing different activities.

Improve posture

Poor posture one of the most common issues nowadays, comes from tight neck muscles, back, and lower back. Stretching pectoralis, upper trapezius, and hamstring muscles can help us improve our posture.

Improves range of motion

Everyone desires to have a full range of motion. 

Stretching regularly will help you maintain a better range of motion. Both dynamic and static stretching can help you with your range of motion.

Decreases back pain

As we said that weak muscles contribute to poor posture, having weak muscles can also cause back pain.

Stretching your back and abdominal muscles regularly will help you reduce back pain. Stretches are a valuable exercise to help with lower back pain and back pain in general. 

Stretching benefits weight loss

If you want to maximize your weight loss journey, stretching can help you achieve your goal.

It will help your muscles be more flexible and lean so that way you can execute your exercise without being afraid of pulling a muscle.

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