Best Ways To Lose Thigh Fat Fast

September 23, 2020

Thighs are a point of insecurity for many people, especially during the summer. Some might even stop wearing shorts because of that. 

Thighs are definitely somewhere weight can show easily. There are countless thigh workouts but the truth is that the weight on your thighs is connected to your overall weight. Meaning, it is hard to lose weight on your thighs if you’re not losing weight on your entire body. 

While there is no universal way how you can slim down your thighs, there are ways you can work on toning them and having them look more strong and defined. Although we don’t like to hear it, the most effective way to slim down and tone your legs is through workouts. 

Leg Workouts

Leg workouts are the ultimate way for you to tone your legs & thighs, but there are levels. Although it is best you do proper workouts, at the gym or at home, there are some ways you can work on your thighs without interrupting your day to day activities.

Activities that work out your legs

Climb the stairs

This might be a simple one but it is very effective. Ditching the elevator might just be the best thing you can do if you want to lose weight and tone your legs. Stairs engage your glutes, hamstrings, calves and so many more muscles. Simply walking is good for your legs, but not as good as climbing the stairs.

Ride the bike to work

This one is not for everyone but anyone can do it.  Biking is one of those activities that activates many parts of the body but focuses on your legs the most. If you have the opportunity, you should really start biking to work and everywhere else you go.

Go to the beach

Have you ever heard of a more enjoyable workout? Seriously. Going to the beach can give you a serious thigh and calve workout when you think about it. If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, walking on the beach can give you a serious workout. Start by walking for 20 minutes and when you get comfortable and stronger you can add time to the workout.

Leg Workouts to Tone Your Thighs

Indoor cycling class

If you do not own a bike and/or can no ride it to work, indoor cycling classes are a great way to to work out your legs. Nowadays, these workouts are quite popular and you can probably find one near you if you like. Take your friends with you if you like, it can be quite the group workout.

Ballet-style workouts

There is a reason why dancers have great toned legs. Dancing requires really strong leg muscles and there is a way you can achieve them as well. Try pilates as a starting point.


People who do sports have the best legs and there is a reason why. Having a consistent schedule of physical activity is the best way to work out your muscles. The best sports to work out your leg muscles are:

  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Running
  • Volleyball
  • Cycling

Resistance training

This one is for the gym junkies and for the people who are looking for a straigh forward solution. Resistance training is probably one of the most effective ways to work out your legs. The key to toning the legs without bulking them up is by increasing the repetitions and lowering the resistance. You can perform these exercises with gym machines or even resistance bands. 

See: Workouts You Can Do With Resistance Bands


When you hear squats you probably think of butt workouts but that’s not their only benefit. Squats are great if you want to slim and tone up your thighs and calves. They are a really simple exercise to perform and you can do it almost anywhere. 


Cardio is the one workout you should not skip if you’re looking to lose weight, no matter the body part. Cardio workouts are amazing for weight loss, especially on your legs. Check out these 7 indoor cardio workouts for weight loss you can do at home

Weight Loss Through Diet

We have talked about diet and how it is crucial for weight loss far too many times on out blog. A healthy diet, balanced between protein and tons of vegetables is the perfect recipe (pun intended) for weight loss.

Check out our 1200 calorie weight loss meal plan to get started.

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