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  • Importance of a Personal Record in Running

    Sep 22 2017

        After making major changes to your training and rethinking the way you eat, you will finish a race more than five minutes faster than...

  • 10 Tips for Fall Fitness

    Sep 20 2017

    . 10 Tips for Fall Fitness Whether you spent the summer scaling mountains or doing laps in your gym’s outdoor pool, exercising outside ...

  • Follow These 5 Rules to Lose Weight

    Sep 18 2017

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  • How to Eat Less, According Gastrophysics?

    Sep 15 2017

      What is gastrophysics? How satisfied you feel by your breakfast smoothie or your 4 o’clock snack may have more to do with what’s in yo...

  • Is Your Workout Messing with Your Gut?

    Sep 13 2017

      You know that a heart-pumping workout is good for your body and mind. But if your sweat sesh leaves you with an upset stomach or runni...