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  • Eating Too Much Red Meat Could Lead to Heart Disease

    Dec 17 2018

      You may want to hold off on eating that juicy burger until after you read about this study linking red meat to heart disease. There is...

  • Greater Exercise Intensity May Add Years to Life

    Dec 14 2018

      How hard you work out seems to trump how long you work out for boosting longevity. The intensity of exercise, not the duration, is wha...

  • 5 Benefits of Interval Training

    Dec 13 2018

      Looking to eliminate boredom, burn more calories, and add some intensity to your workout? Interval training may be the way to go. Here...

  • When Should You Eat Breakfast?

    Dec 12 2018

      A morning meal fuels you and may even help your metabolism—but timing is everything. We all know we should eat breafast, but the quest...

  • How to Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

    Dec 11 2018

      In the beginning of a weight-loss journey, pounds melt away like ice cream on a hot Summer's day. But as you get closer to your goal, ...