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10 Thoughts Gym-Goers Have in January

Posted on December 29 2017



For regular gym-goers, January is the most dreaded time of the year. It's the time when people recover from their New Year's Eve hangovers, swear they're never going to drink again, and decide that this is going to be the year they actually follow through on their fitness New Year's resolutions! While we have the utmost respect for those who want to start fresh with their fitness goals, the frustration of an overly crowded gym is something all regulars know way too well. Keep reading to see some hilarious January gym thoughts we have while trying to weed through all the newbies, and if you are new to the gym, check out these tips for making it less intimidating.


"Maybe if I go early in the morning it won't be as busy . . ."

When you get there, you realize that everyone else had the same idea and, unfortunately, the gym is just as crowded.

"Well, what about later at night?"

Nope. Not only is the gym equally as busy, but you're exhausted from a long day at work and your second wind is dwindling.


When the Line Is So Long Because the Newbies Don't Know How to Check In

Hopefully you're not in front of someone whose energy drink just kicked in.


Disturbing Locker Room Etiquette

Not only are we frequently interrupted by people asking where the locker room is, but come on! Some people need to work on their locker room manners, especially while waiting in line for the shower.


The Classes Are Jam-Packed

*Sigh* After you finally land a spot in the indoor cycling class you've been taking every Monday since April, the frustration kicks in when those who are simply trying something new take up the majority of the bikes.


The Treadmill Dancer Is at It Again!

While we applaud this guy's moves, there are plenty of people who hop on machines and have no idea what they're doing. It's amazing that they're trying something new, but they should observe the person on the machine next to them to prevent an injury. Whether it's the sprinter on the elliptical or the barefoot rower, a little observation can only help you!


Everyone Has a Plus One

We love working out with our friends since it's a motivational way to stay on track with our goals, but in January, workout buddies add to the already congested gym and all of the New Year's fitness resolutions are doubled.


OK, but Seriously, You've Been on That Machine For Way Too Long

At many gyms, there's a sign that kindly asks people to limit time on cardio machines to 30 minutes during peak hours, but many people kindly don't follow those rules. Be a gent and let someone else take a turn!



But Please, Wipe Off the Machines!

Is there anything worse than finally getting your desired machine and being greeted with a disposal of a stranger's sweat?! We didn't think so . . . We beg you, wipe it down.


But Once February Rolls Around . . .

It's been a really great run, but see ya never! Just kidding, we'll see you next January.


Author: Popsugar

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