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5 Easy Steps to Your Summer Body

Posted on March 09 2017


Because of the weather, we may be tricked into believing that summer is still long ways off. In reality, as I type this... we are only 90 days from summer! Can you believe it?!

Trips to the beach, family vacations, days at the pool, hiking with friends, trips to the lake, backpacking excursions, and other summer recreational activities is what most of us spend the whole year waiting on, right?! Even as a kid, summer could never get here quick enough for me and to this day, even though I live in California now, I still long for the days of summer.

But let’s be honest, in order to really enjoy all of these activities to the fullest, most people would agree – being in the best shape possible this time of year will just make it all that much more enjoyable. If you disagree, you are kidding yourself. :) People love to get in shape for summer! It’s as American as apple pie.

The problem is… many people wait much too late to get started. So if in year’s past, this has been you then – listen up! You can’t procrastinate and wait around til June 5 to start getting it together for your June 23-30 vacation! That’s just crazy and an unreal expectation for anyone to achieve. On the other hand, you didn’t have to have gotten started months ago either. Most people can get in excellent shape with the right steps in anywhere from 60-90 days. You have to be serious and dedicated, but it’s definitely doable. Here’s how…


1. Kitchen Pantry Makeover: Home Edition


First things first… you need to do a complete overhaul of your pantry, fridge, and anywhere else food is stashed in your home. Junk food, chips, soda, cookies and everything else that would fit into the “making me fat” category has got to go. Replace soda with water (yes, you can do this I promise), replace cookies, chips, etc with nuts, seeds, and other healthy snacks, and so on and so on. You get the idea and the point is this: If it’s not in your house you will not be tempted to eat it! We eat what we have, make sure what you have is what you should be eating.

It’s pretty simple really. Nutrition is going to be about 70-80 percent of this - so please don’t disregard steps 1 and 2. Everything will rely on your diet.


2. Eating – Get A Routine Down and Stick To it!


Once you’ve got your house all stocked up with healthy foods, you need to get into a good eating routine. I always recommend eating smaller meals and more often. Five to six smaller meals a day should really keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders which will help you lose weight faster. Many people fail by not eating. It seems counterproductive to eat more often, but It is a BIG mistake to just “not eat.” Everything in your body will slow down to a snail’s pace and your body will hold on to fat for dear life. Sound good? No, of course not.

Use to track your daily calories. Plan your meals out in advance and even prepare them the day or even a couple days before. Drink LOTS of water too, most people do not drink anywhere close to enough water. Try drinking a tall glass before you eat, it will help you eat less. Trust me, it works. To sum it all up, though, get a routine down and stick to the routine and it will work!


3. You Need To Move (Not your home, but your body)


Get moving! Even little and seemingly insignificant things can help you burn more calories throughout the day. Taking the steps instead of the escalator/elevator, biking to work, walking at a faster pace at work, cleaning the house/garage, doing yard work, and walking the dog are all little ways to get in extra exercise each day without actually doing an additional workout.

For example… One summer, I started jogging up the 15 steps in my home each day instead of walking up to them each time. Doesn’t seem like much, but averaging 10 trips up a day over the course of a week and I had jogged up a total of 1050 steps! Almost 2000 jogged steps over a two week period. Just for a frame of reference, the Empire State Building has 1860 total steps. So get moving, every little bit will help.


4. Exercise Program (Sorry, it’s a must)


Look, you need to have a consistent workout plan and you don’t have time for trial and error. Going to the gym and trying the different equipment and what you think will work, what you hope might work, what someone else said might work… all might not work. Then again it might, but the percentages definitely aren’t in your favor especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing! There’s also this… according to this study, only 15% of people that have gym memberships go every day and even though you might think that you will be the exception… why risk it?

If you really want to get results and get them fast – I always recommend a home fitness program. Home fitness programs are great and definitely work. They are all set up to get great results in usually 60-90 days especially the most popular ones like P90X or Insanity. They all come with program and nutrition guides with recipes, diet plans, etc. All these programs are proven by thousands to work if you follow them and stick to the workouts. Just check out all the success and transformation stories on youtube if you don’t want to take my word for it.

I have got great results from several of these programs myself, including losing 25lb from P90X the first time I did that specific program. Something else really cool is that there are large communities of online support associated with them and you can even have your own personal coach (For yours truly - check out our plans here at Fitonomy) to help you out and make sure you get the best results possible. It’s just part of what I do, so take advantage of that!


5. Remember Your “Why!”


When you are tempted to eat that whole box of Oreos when you think the workouts aren’t working when summer is getting closer and closer and you feel like quitting… remember your “why!” What I mean by that is this, “Why did you start all this in the first place?” Was it to look good? Was it to get in shape for that backpacking trip? Was it just to enjoy life with your kids this summer? Whatever the reason… write it down and write it down even before you start your journey and then go back and look at it when times get tough and the temptation to give up is strong. Recalling and remembering why you started just might get you over the mental hump. Summer WILL be here before you know it, 90 days from now to be exact – when it get’s here, you will wish you started today or you will be glad you did! See you this summer, my friends!


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