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50 Reasons Not To Skip Your Workout Today

Posted on June 18 2018


Lost your motivation and need a good kick in the pants? This article gives you fifty quality reasons to drop the junk food, get off the couch and head to the gym.


• Because no matter how tired or stressed you feel right now, you will feel better after a workout.

• You know that you are what you do, and will not allow yourself to become a quitter.

• You are tired of wearing fat jeans.

• You are sick of having a flabby stomach.

• There is no other choice. It must be done.

• So that you will have no regrets tomorrow.

    • Because you are tired of starting "on Monday." Today is the day to get it done!

    • Somewhere there is someone who is injured, sick or in a hospital bed who wished they could workout. Go train in their honor.

    • Being lazy sucks.

    • Squatting is cool. Nuff said. (And who doesn't want a great back side)

    • You are tired of having small armsand a small chest.

    • The manboobs gotta go!

    • The flabby arms gotta go!

    • Because you can have a hand in forging your own destiny.

    • Your dedication always inspires someone. Go be inspirational.

    • You will feel more confident and in control.

    • Staying in shape helps you perform better in the bedroom.

    • Because you want to look young for your age, not old for your age.

    • At the gym you will be around folks with similar goals, and that is motivating. Just go, now.

    • Working out improves your sleep.

    • Working out improves your energy.

    • Going to the gym makes you feel better about that ice cream you ate last night.

    • Even if you onlyfeel like doing a light workout, there's a good chance that you will gain momentum after those first few sets and have a killer workout.

    • Iron therapy solves a lot of problems.

    • It's time to release your inner sexy beast.

    • You shower every day so you don't stink. Now it's time to workout so your body doesn't stink.

      • Movement is living.

      • It's torture thinking about whether you should workout or not. Working out is easier than thinking about it for 4 straight hours. Get it over with.

      • Endorphins - Google them. A great anti-depressant.

      • The video games will be there when you get back.

      • So that if you ever meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can compare gunzzzz.

      • Because success in the gym helps create success in other areas of your life.

      • Exercise lowers blood pressure and is cheaper than medication.

      • Exercise reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes.

      • Regular exercise helps to keep you more hormonally balanced.

      • Resistance training also builds stronger bones.

      • Extra muscle increases your metabolism.

      • Exercise allows you to set your problems aside for an hour and pretend they don't exist. It's ok to take a break from the stresses of life.

      • You will look better at the beach. Duh!

      • Exercise slows joint degeneration that comes with age.

      • If you don't, you won't respect yourself.

      • You're tired of wearing black "because it's slimming."

      • Because your momma didn't raise a wimp.

      • Exercise helps you feel incredible no matter what you look like.

      • Sticking to your commitments will improve your self-esteem.

      • Helps to reduce lower back pain.

      • Exercise reduces visceral fat levels. You will not only look better, but increase your chances of living longer.

      • Because no one likes to gasp for air after walking up stairs.

        • Remember your childhood heroes and why you started lifting? It's time to be like your childhood heroes.

        • Exercise helps you to maintain a positive outlook.


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