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6 Easy Push Up Variations

Posted on March 07 2017

Push-ups are great to build your upper body and to increase your core strength.  However, they can get boring if you do not know the different variations of this exercise. The following push-up methods will maintain your workout fun and at the same time get your muscles growing. Here are the 6 Easy Push-Up Variations You Can Do at Home:


1. The Classic Push-up

This variation of push-up is easy and at the same time classic, it is great for beginner workouts. How do you do this? You have to get your hands in a plank position below your shoulders. Hands should be about shoulder width apart and fingers pointed forward. Go down by bending your elbows until just before your nose touch the ground and go back up until your elbows are straight. You can also raise your chin to look forward, this will allow you to go lower.


2. The Triangle Push-up

Triangle push-ups are of a great importance if you want to maintain your arms. This push-up is very similar to the classic push-up; however, instead of putting your hands under your shoulders, you will put your hands side-by- side under the middle of your chest. The tips of your thumbs and index fingers should form a triangle, hence the name ”triangle push-ups”.


3. The Pilates Push-up

This variation is a super fun and great move for the beginning push-up enthusiasts! Make sure to practice this push-up after you are warmed up since this will make you stretch your arms, legs, and back while it works your upper body. You have to begin by standing a straight up. Put your hands on the ground right in front of you while keeping a slight bend in your knees. Now, walk your hands forward until you are in the classic push-up position and have straightened your knees. Do a push-up, then walk your hands back to your starting position standing up. Alternatively, you can do 5 push-ups before coming back up, do whatever works for you.


4. The Sphinx Push-up

Sphinx push-ups are fun and they target your arms! Begin in a classic push-up position but with hands below your head. Bend your elbows going downward until your forearms touch the ground, ensure arms and elbows are parallel to your body. Go back up until your arms are straight. This is definitely a sphinx push-up! 


5. The Wide-arm Push-up

Wide-arm push-ups will perfectly work your back, chest, and triceps. This variation is similar to the classic push-up. Get into a plank position and put your hands about twice your shoulders width apart. Your hands should be aligned with your shoulders. You can also bend elbows outward, from the body to a 90-degree angle before rising back up until they are straight.


6. The Shoulder-press Push-up

The shoulder-press push-up is a great variation that will emphasis on your shoulder muscles. Get in a plank position with your toes on a chair or a bench. Put your hands about shoulders width apart and go down until just before your forehead touch the ground. You will definitely feel it on your shoulders.


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