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Be That Fit Couple, Here's How to Get There

Posted on June 28 2018


We recently found out that couples who eat healthy together stay together, but having your partner also be your fitness buddy could be another great way to strengthen your relationship. Sweating together can bring the two of you even closer, and it's an amazing feeling when the person you love is also your biggest cheerleader. Plus, you're more likely to reach your fitness goals when you have someone to hold you accountable along the way. If you and your SO are looking for ways to get in shape as a couple, see five ways to get started ahead!



Turn it into a competition.

There's no better motivation than some friendly competition. Challenge each other by seeing who can get the most steps in by the end of the week or who can hit their weight-loss goal first. But remember to keep pushing one another the whole way.


Grocery shop together.

Make trips to the market a regular thing together, and when you get home, cook together instead of eating out. It'll save you money and encourage you to eat healthier.


Find a workout you both love.

Break out of your comfort zone and try different classes and workouts together to see which ones you both really enjoy. If you can't agree on one, compromise by alternating favorites each week.

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Make it a date.

Opt for a scenic hike in place of the regular movie date. You can even pack picnic supplies for a romantic lunch during one of your stops. If the two of you have a vacation coming up, throw a few health and wellness items into your itinerary, too.


Share a personal trainer.

On top of reducing rates, going in on a trainer with your partner can be a great bonding opportunity. You can watch each other's progress, cheer them on, and complain about being sore together. And who knows? Seeing your SO in whole new light may even make you more attracted to them.


Author: PopSugar


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