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Best Triceps Exercises

Posted on February 15 2017

There is nothing better than the feeling of taking a refreshing shower after a good workout combined with the feeling of knowing that you just did something good and productive for your body and appearance. Also, when working out it is important to exercise all of the major muscle groups in order to get an even and toned look. With the help of this article you will learn how to do the best tricep exercises, with or without weights, as well as some tricep exercises you can do at home. Try them out and you will notice some results for sure.

Best Tricep Exercises at Home

First of all, here are some tricep exercises you can do when you don’t feel like going to the gym and you don’t have any dumbbells at home. For starters, you could do traditional push-ups, although they are primarily chest exercises, the push-up relies on strong triceps. This would be a good warm-up exercise for your muscles when you’ve only just started working out your tricep. Also, as a beginner, you could do some varieties of the traditional even push-up position, which will allow you to work on your triceps from different angles. And here is how to upgrade the regular push-ups into triceps push-ups – after building up some strength you can start doing the grip push-ups. Grip push-ups are great triceps exercises because they put a lot of strain on the triceps. You basically get into the position for a regular push-up and then you put your hands much closer than you would normally do. This takes away the pressure from the chest and puts it on your triceps. It’s so simple that there is no reason why you couldn’t do this at home.

Dips Are Best Tricep Exercises

Another type of best tricep exercises you can do at home are triceps dips. These are also simple to do. The easiest version of the tricep dips is this one: sit on the floor in an upright position, then put your legs close together and bent at the knees, and stretch your arms behind you, in line with your shoulders, and place your palms on the ground. Then you lift your body up and down using primarily your tricep and not your legs. An upgraded version of the triceps dips is putting your palms on some supporting surface (the edge of a chair or a table) and then lifting your body up and down while your feet are still on the ground and your legs are bent at the knees. A still harder version of the tricep dips is to strengthen your legs completely in front of you, place the palms on a hard surface and then do the dips. This puts the stress entirely on your tricep.

There are several other best tricep exercises you could do at home, without any equipment. However, sometimes it is simpler to go to a gym and use the equipment made specifically for that purpose. For example, in a gym you could do the triceps dips using dip bars and you can also choose the height of the bars.


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