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Dairy Free Milk Alternatives

Posted on February 20 2017

Researchers from Harvard have made a remarkable study urging you to stop drinking milk. Why? Well, there are number reasons behind it. For those who think milk is the only source of calcium for their bones should understand that there are plenty of other options that are nutritional as well as healthier than dairy products and dairy milk.

Most dairy products have unhealthy fats and added sugars which contribute to heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and much more. Here is a list of 5 dairy free milk alternatives full of nutrition and are easily available.

1. Rice Milk

Rice milk is one of the tastier alternatives to dairy milk. It has a sweet flavor and is much thinner than other varieties of milk. Therefore, it can be used for making coffee or consumption with cereals. Unlike other dairy products which have high amounts of proteins and fat, rice milk constitutes only carbohydrates. Some fortified rice milk may also have vitamin A and vitamin D. You may also use rice milk for baking purposes along with a stabilizing agent like flour.

2. Hemp Milk

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, hemp milk is the new favorite of health experts and lactose intolerant people. Apart from being dairy free, it has high amounts of calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, essential amino acids, vitamin A, E, B12, D, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, and iron. Because of its high nutritional value, it is a better option than dairy milk. It is also found that hemp milk does not interfere with the assimilation of nutrients unlike other varieties of milk which contains high amounts of enzyme inhibitors. Moreover, it does not cause stomach distress or flatulence.

3. Almond Milk

It is probably a great alternative to dairy milk as it is a much healthier option. Though the amount of protein present in one serving of almond milk is much low as compared to dairy milk, but it is packed with other essential nutrients like antioxidant vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and manganese. It has a nutty flavor with light sweetness and is ideal for cooking and baking. Its consistency makes it best for consuming over cereal and making coffee.

4. Soy Milk

Unlike another dairy free milk, soy milk is rich in proteins. It can easily be used for baking, cooking or directly to your food to increase its protein content. Though soy is high in nutrition it is important to prevent GMO strains. Most soy is now genetically modified and contains traces of herbicides or pesticides. It is thus best to go for GMO-free soy. Drinking too much soy milk is also linked with certain disorders caused due to phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens functions in the same way as estrogen and excessive amounts may cause breast cancer in women or lower testosterone level in men.

5. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is delicious and creamy making your food super tasty. Though high in fat it is a good source of vitamin B12, especially for vegetarians. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin D making it a good substitute for dairy milk. It can be added to curries and other dishes for enhancing its taste. Since it is gluten free, soy free and dairy free, it is the best choice for people allergic to these.

Although these 5 dairy free milk alternatives are full of nutrition, it is important to read labels before buying them as some of the brands may contain added sugars which may be harmful to you. Also, go for organic ones to enjoy a better health.


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