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Ensure Workouts Happen Every Day

Posted on July 24 2017


On Sunday, map out your weekly workout plan so you know exactly what you're doing each day. This saves time trying to decide, "Hmm, should I go for a run or ride my bike?" Mix up your workout routine to keep you excited, and have alternate plans for outdoor workouts in case it rains.

Schedule workouts just as you would any other nonnegotiable important meeting. Tell co-workers and family members so they know you're unavailable during those times.
Sign up and pay for classes ahead of time — it's much harder to skip out when you know you've already shelled out $20 or more.

Prep everything you'll need the night before, including your outfit and your pre-workout snack.

Get your workout done first thing in the morning so your busy schedule doesn't get in the way of your workout.

If you're not a morning exerciser, wake up early to get 30 minutes of work done so you can steal away later during the day.

To save time and motivate morning workouts, wear part of your gear to bed, including wicking socks and workout pants. If you're already wearing it, you'll be less likely to skip out.

Even if you're not working out first thing, wake up and put on your entire workout outfit including sneakers and your iPhone armband. You're more likely to make it happen if you're already ready.

Be OK with a shorter workout — even 15 minutes is better than nothing! Maximize your time with these high-calorie-burning workouts.

Be OK with less intense workouts. Even a relaxing stretch session counts as moving.

Instead of taking a lunch break, hit the gym or take a class, then eat your lunch afterward while working (make sure it's already made so you don't have to waste time going to pick up lunch).

Set an alarm on your phone with a meaningful message such as "Busier people are already at the gym," "You know you'll feel better afterward," or "Today's choices are tomorrow's body."

Follow the five-minute rule. Even on days when you're not feeling 100 percent, set your timer and go for five minutes — chances are that once you get moving, you'll be inspired to keep going.

Find a consistent workout buddy. Committing to meet someone makes it much harder to skip out.

Choose the same time to work out every day, and within a week or two it'll become a habit and something you look forward to instead of a chore.

Use specific and attainable goals to motivate you. They can be small, such doing 20 push-ups every day, or large, such as building up to running a half marathon.

Mark every workout in your calendar. Sometimes the satisfaction of seeing every day crossed off will motivate you to keep going for that week or that month.

Reward yourself! Have a little something to look forward to after every workout, whether it's a hot shower with a new shampoo, a warm and cinnamony post-workout crockpot breakfast, or buy a new song on iTunes. That way you will stay motivated and learn more about that skill.

Share your workouts on social media. You'll be so surprised by all the positive feedback and encouragement that it's sure to motivate you on days when you feel like chucking your sneakers out the window. It may even serve as a source for helpful workout tips.

Don't beat yourself up if you miss one day or maybe even half the week. Tomorrow is a new day, a chance to make a fresh start. So get right back on that exercise-every-day wagon.


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