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If You Lift Weights, This Yoga Sequence Is a Must

Posted on May 02 2019


This 7 pose sequence will target all the major muscle groups, so your body feels more flexible and open.


Three-Legged Dog

  • From Downward Facing Dog, step the feet together so your big toes are touching. Keeping the left heel on the mat, inhale to raise your right leg in the air.
  • Hold here for five breaths with the shoulders parallel to the floor.


Arching Three-Legged Dog

  • From Three-Legged Dog, bend the right knee. Actively squeeze your right heel in toward your hip, lifting the knee high.

  • Lift your head up, and turn to look over your left shoulder, arching the spine.
  • Hold here for five breaths, keeping the belly still and breathing into the chest.


Low Crescent Lunge

  • From Arching Three-Legged Dog, step your right foot forward, lowering the left knee to the floor.
  • Inhale to raise the arms up, sinking the pelvis toward the floor to intensify the stretch in the hips.
  • Enjoy this pose for five breaths.


Open Lunge Twist

  • From Low Crescent Lunge, plant your left palm on the floor underneath your shoulder.
  • Raise your right arm into the air, and reach it behind you to open the chest and shoulders.

  • Hold here for five breaths.


Extended Side Angle

  • From Open Lunge Twist, lower your right palm to the little-toe side of your right foot.
  • Lift the back knee off the floor, and deepen the stretch on the left side of the body by extending your left arm over your ear, creating a straight line between the left toes and left fingertips.
  • Hold here for five breaths.


Half-Bound Squat Prep

  • From Extended Side Angle, step your left foot forward so you're in a Wide Squat.
  • Lower your right shoulder as far as you can underneath your right shin, reaching your fingers out to the side.
  • Put some weight into your right palm, so you can shift weight back into your heels and balance equally on both feet.
  • Reach your left arm into the air, gazing toward your lifted hand to encourage your spine to twist a little more.
  • Stay like this for five deep breaths.


Tipover Tuck

  • From Half-Bound Squat Prep, release your left hand to the floor in front of you. Walk your feet in so they are hip distance apart.
  • Slowly straighten the legs, keeping the torso folded on the thighs.

  • Interlace your fingers behind you, pressing the heels of the palms together in a double fist. Actively pull your hands away from your shoulders to increase the stretch in your chest.
  • Lean your weight forward into the toes, holding for five breaths.


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