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Macro Timing

Posted on November 29 2017



Eat your way to weight loss by properly timing your macronutrient intake.


The body handles foods differently throughout the day, influenced by your energy, insulin and hormone levels.

Over all energy exposure will determine weight loss however, Nutrient timing can help control how much fat and muscle we lose or gain.


Our body needs 3 essential macro nutrients.

Protein: Provides your muscles with amino acids for optimal muscle growth and recovery, especially after being depleted from resistance training.

Carbs: Body’s main source of energy. 

Chain of small simple sugars broken down to be used by the body as glucose. Essential a a preferred energy source for our hearts brains and central nervous system.

Fat: Essential for healthy body functions. 

Protecting organs by forming cushioning around them and promoting growth & healthy cell membranes, fat plays a huge role in digestion of vitamins like A,D E and L which are fat soluble vitamins meaning they need fat in order to be absorbed

Unsaturated and essential fatty acids ( Omega 3 & 6 ) are ideal fats part of a healthy diet.

Another important factor is Insulin which regulates fat and carb metabolism, this hormone can manipulated for optimal usage.

If eaten at the wrong time raising insulin levels can do harm by promoting fat storage but if by using it accordingly can do wonders for muscle anabolism and energy levels.

That being said we will start with the most complex macronutrient.


Carbs are our body’s preferred source of energy ideally consumed around our workout period.

Before a workout: Fast acting healthy carbs will allow immediate energy to power you through long period of demand on the body.

Post workout: In order to take advantage of the metabolic pathway supporting anabolism getting blood insulin levels raised and replenishes after a workout is important.

A fast acting liquid filled with simple carbohydrates and whey protein that is easily digested creates an ideal muscle growing drink giving depleted muscles glucose and amino acids. For optimal muscle repair and growth carbohydrates paired with protein is a great start to muscle anabolism.


3 hours after a workout:

Best time to consume your starchy carbs. 

The depleted muscles acting like a sponge will absorb it efficiently.


At all other times of the day :

Carb consumption ideally should come from Vegetables, Peas Legumes Beans and other Fiber rich foods. 

Understanding the Glycemic index scale, 

The GI scale is a carb meter, ranking how fast it is digested by the body and how much it raises insulin levels.

Low GI foods which are Fiber rich are a slow acting carbs that keep you feeling full for a long period of time slowly released digested and metabolized.

High GI foods like Candy and processed sugary goods cause a fast spike in insulin levels immediately converting it to glucose, raising insulin levels that can’t necessarily keep up with glucose consumption if not used immediately as energy so it gets stored as fat. 

That being said keeping insulin levels low around non training periods can benefit you from avoiding fat storage, especially before bed.



The body using protein as its building blocks to maintain and repair tissues, bones, muscles and skin and create enzymes hormones and body chemicals. It should be the main source of every meal.

Creating my meals I always start by thinking of an ideal protein then adding my fats or carbs accordingly 

Around training times combining protein with carbs is essential since protein on its own doesn’t always make its way to the rebuilding process.

How ever when paired with a carb which raises insulin levels providing energy to push the amino acids into the muscle cells.




Healthy fats, Unsaturated and essential fatty acids ( Omega 3 & 6 ) opposite of what most might think is actually your friend. Keeping hormones levels in check ,regulating insulin response and blood sugar levels they are digested slowly into your body meaning they keep you feeling full for a long period of time. packing 9 kcal compared to protein and carbs which have 4kcals you’re sure to get a bang for your buck if you’re looking for a quick snack to fill you up on the go. 

Fats best consumed in the morning helping stabilize blood sugar levels after having fasted during a long period of time it will provide a higher calorie breakfast helping you have a decent amount of energy for your day and training session later on. 

Examples of my favourite daily macro nutrient planned in a day.



High in healthy fats, a handful of vegetables. 

Fats: Eggs, Cottage cheese or Avocado.

Vegetables: Peppers, Kale or Spinach.


Healthy fats, fiber and protein.

Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Legumes, Lean meat, Fruits.



Fast acting whole grain carbs with fruit.

Carbs: Oats or Whole grain bread. 

Fruits: Bananas, Berries or Grapefruit.



Liquid form of high protein and simple carb mix Protein: Whey

Simple carb: Banana or Berries


Second post workout meal: 

30-1 hour following shake, low in fat to not slow down digestion and can be easily absorbed : Lean protein healthy carb, low GI & Fiber foods.

Lean protein: Tuna, Chicken or Turkey

Low GI carb: Rice, Sweet potatoes, Quinoa

Fiber foods: Artichocke, Broccoli, Lima beans.


Author: Erin Killen (@killenitfitness)

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