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Perfect Smoothie for Weight Loss

Posted on April 12 2017


Smoothies are one of the healthiest breakfasts and a perfect choice if you're trying to slim down. Before you throw any and all ingredients into your blender, you want to make sure it follows the perfect weight-loss equation — so it is does not turn into a drinkable calorie bomb!

Here's a dairy-free recipe for a filling, protein- and fiber-packed smoothie that also tastes amazing. It uses the power of tofu for protein instead of protein powder, which is the typical protein source in dairy-free smoothies. It may sound odd to use tofu in a smoothie, but since this white food is virtually tasteless, it takes on the flavor of whatever other yummy ingredients it is blended with. It also yields a wonderfully creamy texture. Sip on this and you will feel full for hours.

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Recipe: Spinach Smoothie with Pear and Ginger




3 cups Spinach

2 tbsp Fresh lemon juice

2 tsp Ginger

2 Pears



Make all ingredients in a blender and blend until it reaches smooth consistency.

Serve it for keep all the freshness from the ingredients.

Notes* You can add Honey to taste.






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