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Slim With Mindful Eating

Posted on June 16 2017


Mindfulness is all the rage right now, and for good reason. Not only does this wellness technique help you quell stress and get through the day feeling more zen-like, but it can also trigger a host of other health benefits. Studies have found that mindfulness may help reduce inflammation, increase happiness, improve sleep quality, slim down your belly, and even regulate your appetite.

Those last two benefits have us intrigued. Turns out mindfulness for weight loss and maintaining a healthy BMI can be so transformative, many nutritionists are recommending it to their clients as a way to eat more healthfully. Mindful eating can help you improve your digestion, reduce bloating, recognize when you’re full, and stop overeating. It can also change the way food tastes. Being present during meals means you’ll become even more aware of every bite and flavor, and you’ll likely end up enjoying your food way more.

But how exactly do you quit your habit of scarfing down your meal without a second thought? It takes a bit of practice—habit changing doesn’t happen overnight, after all! Several strategies can help guide you to becoming a more mindful muncher. Watch this video to learn three effective yet simple tips.


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