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The Science Behind Training Abs

Posted on February 16 2017

Training abs the right way means understanding the basic anatomy of your abdominals. The abs are made up of several muscles connecting the top of your pelvis to the bottom of your ribcage. You have your front, side and internal abdominals that make up your core and are responsible for torso movement, stability, and support.

The six pack is formed by hard connective tissues that mark out segments running down the front of your abdomen. Most people think that training abs properly consists of doing hundreds of sit-ups a day. The reality is we are all blessed with a six pack that is simply hiding under our body fat! The real way to training abs is to apply basic weight training principles with effective fat burning exercises.

You need to focus on short high-intensity workouts in order to fatigue your mid section by applying the progressive overload principle. This means increasing the intensity each time you workout your abdominals, forcing your muscles to adapt by growing bigger and stronger in order to cope with the extra stress. The easiest and most effective way is by adding more resistance to the abs workout you are performing, you can use a weight plate, medicine ball or dumb bell across your chest for this.

This method of training abs will strengthen and develop your core but the fat covering them will remain. University of Virginia scientists has concluded that crunches by themselves will never help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat. In fact, they figured out that to burn 1 pound of fat it would take 250,000 crunches! Even then that would be taken from your entire body not just your stomach area. The only way to bring out that six-pack is by reducing your overall body fat percentage with good old fashioned cardiovascular exercise.

The best approach for burning some serious calories is through short, intense cardio workouts. Interval training is a perfect addition to any training abs workout and you are less likely to burn off muscle this way. Three 30 minute sessions of this a week can be all you need to control body fat and uncover those abs. Make sure you are following an abs diet plan low in saturated fat and processed carbohydrates as this can really slow down results.

Make sure you are targeting your entire core by hitting it from all different angles. Don’t get stuck doing one exercise all the time but continually change your routines every few weeks, this not only helps to keep things fresh and fun but ensures your abs are always being challenged. Remember to maintain a healthy diet, stick to your training abs plan and you will get that ripped six pack in no time.


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