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These Are the 5 Thyroid Cancer Symptoms All Women Should Watch Out For

Posted on August 22 2018


No matter how old you are, cancer is a scary thing to think about. Thyroid cancer in particular affects women at a younger age than you might expect. The standard female thyroid cancer patient is between the ages of 30 and 60, and people are likely to mistake cancer symptoms for something else trivial, which could result in a delay of treatment. This year, 40,900 women in the US will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It's the fifth most common cancer in women and the most common cancer in women ages 20 to 34. Experts say the symptoms for thyroid cancer start out slowly and gradually worsen, so it's important to be aware of what the symptoms are so you can catch it before it gets worse. These are the most common thyroid cancer symptoms in women you need to know. 44711795

There's a Lump in Your Neck

This is perhaps the most popular symptom of thyroid cancer in women. If you find a lump at the base of your neck, a doctor will run a diagnostic test and an ultrasound. This will likely provide enough information for an expert to determine whether it's thyroid cancer or not.


There's Swelling or Pain in Your Neck

Even if you don't have a lump, you may experience constant swelling or pain in your neck, which could point to smaller nodules in your neck that are associated with thyroid cancer. Don't freak out if this sounds familiar! Just get yourself to the doctor and have an expert check you out.

Your Voice Is Hoarse or Sounds Funny

Your thyroid gland sits right under your voice box (known as the larynx) and a nodule might be pressing against it. That causes changes in the voice that don't go away in a short amount of time. Although this is a more uncommon symptom, it's worth getting checked out.


You Have Trouble Breathing or Swallowing

Thyroid nodules could put pressure on your trachea, known commonly as your windpipe, making it difficult to breathe at times. Similarly, your trachea is above your esophagus, so thyroid cancer can also result in trouble swallowing. If this kind of discomfort or pain is happening consistently, ask your doctor for their opinion.

You Have a Constant Cough That Isn't Due to a Cold

If you've got a thyroid nodule growing in your neck, it could result in a constant cough. If you haven't been sick and you can't figure out why you're coughing so much, that might be the result of a nodule that could point to thyroid cancer. Talk to your doctor just to be on the safe side.


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