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What Fitness Pros Eat to Look Lean

Posted on March 29 2019


You don’t have to be a fitness model or professional to look like one. All it takes is eating a ​wide variety of nutrient-dense foods combined with regular exercise for a beach-ready body.


Eat Right for a Beach Ready Body

Eating right to achieve the body you want doesn't have to be complicated. Fitness professionals don't eat anything special or magic to achieve a lean body. The following is a basic list of common healthy foods and nutrition tips that will have you beach ready year round.


Oats Contain Fat Burning Fiber 

Oats are on the menu for almost all fitness professionals. They're a secret weapon for energy, fat burning, and contain superfood nutrients.

Oats make a great pre-workout meal and are high in fiber to help with digestion and reduced bloating. Oats are a nutrient-dense food and provide satiety for hours.

It comes as no surprise that oats are on the top ten lists of fitness pros and athletes alike.


Eggs Are Great Protein

Eggs are another fit-pro favorite and great post-workout snack. They are full of protein and nutrient dense yolks. The whites are the preferred portion for fitness professionals with the yolks eaten in moderation.

Eggs help with muscle recovery and beneficial to sculpting a tight and tone physique. Abs are definitely created in the kitchen with this simple form of protein that can be cooked in many appetizing ways.

Whether boiled by the dozen for bulk cooking or whipped up in a scramble, eggs are high on the fit-pro eat list.


Cheat Meals Can Help Us Maintain Our Fitness

Fitness professionals and models do indulge, but the secret remains to be smart about it. Each person’s tastes are different ranging from sweet to savory.

Caloric intake is still the bottom line. Body-conscious pros will pay attention to quality ingredient detail and total calories. Indulgence will not be taken to the extreme. A good example is eating one fresh-baked brownie instead of the whole pan.

Cheat meals are said to be helpful to keep us on track and enjoy balance in life.

Tips and Tricks

Fitness models and professionals follow a few tricks to maintain their toned bodies year round. The following top ten list of tips and tricks will be helpful:

  • Portion control:read labels and measure out proper portions. Don’t go back for more.
  • Smaller plates:dine on lunch size plates instead of large dinner plates to avoid overeating.
  • Pack food to go:avoid fast food by packing a healthy cooler or snacks in your purse.
  • Cook at home:be in control of what you eat, reduce saturated fat and high sodium food.
  • Eliminate alcohol:reducing or eliminating alcohol will reduce that waistline and improve overall health.
  • Exercise:3-5 times per week and for 30-minutes to one hour for optimal fitness.


Author: Verywellfit

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  • Jazmín: October 25, 2019

    Gracias por su gran información.
    Desearía saber que ejercicios son buenos para el abdomen y tonificar el cuerpo..?

    Gracias por su atención.
    ATT Jazmín.

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