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Your Gym Problems Solved!

Posted on May 12 2017


It’s possible you will encounter a problem at some point if you visit the gym regularly. While most of them will probably be small (someone is NOT wiping down the equipment), others may pop up that threaten to derail your hard work. Here are some common challenges you might face during your fitness journey, and a few tips on how to solve them.


Your workout is no longer challenging you the way it was in the beginning.


The good news is this often isn’t a problem — it can be a sign you are probably getting stronger and fitter. You now may need to step-up your workouts to keep challenging your body. Try varying the exercises to challenge yourself, such as adding a tuck jump to your burpees or increasing the weight of your dumbbells for weighted exercises. If you are doing timed intervals, aim to do more exercises in the same amount of time (just make sure you aren’t losing form).


You’ve taken on more responsibilities at work (or at home) and don’t have as much time for the gym.


High-intensity workouts are perfect if time is a problem! Push yourself through a 20-30 minute workout and you’ve maximised your effort in a short period of time. Lots of intervals don’t even require equipment, you can use your own bodyweight. Just don’t forget to do your warm-up as well.

There’s lots of other ways to fit exercise into your day. If you have a flexible workplace, ask if they will allow for walking meetings. Make your commute to the office or classroom work for you by taking a bike or walking. Hit the gym on your lunch break or break your workout up into smaller chunks throughout the day!


You’ve been so focused on your strength training, your cardio has suffered.


Strength training can have amazing benefits for your health, but that doesn’t mean that your cardio routine should go out the window. The right balance between weights and cardio can be fantastic for overall health, such as improving cardiovascular health. If running on the treadmill just doesn’t motivate you, look at other ways to introduce more cardio activity. You could try taking up a social game of basketball or tennis, or swimming.


You are so sore you can barely move, let alone workout.


Your body will quickly let you know if something isn’t right. If you are feeling that sore, it’s advisable to skip the workout (even one day off will help) and have a recovery session instead. Get out your foam roller, have a stretch or soak in a warm bath with epsom salts. After having a break for a day or two, step back into your routine slowly. If you don’t notice any improvement in soreness in a few days, duck off and see your healthcare professional.

For every gym problem you encounter, there is likely to be a very simple solution. Remember that most of these problems are just small stumbling blocks, they don’t have to put a dampener on all of your fitness efforts. Don’t punish yourself if you struggle occasionally. Keep trying and keep encouraging yourself along the way.


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