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Supplementing your diet with Fitonomy BCAA on a daily basis will support recovery between workouts, allowing you to bounce back quicker from intense exercise. And also reduces your soreness.


     ✔ Improved Immune Function

     ✔ Great to be Taken During your Workout

     ✔ Increase Muscle Synthesis

     ✔ Prevents Muscle Damage & Fatigue

     ✔ Boost Energy

     ✔ Enhances Recovery


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As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop before or after your workout with water or juice or as directed by practitioner.

Serving Size: 1scoop (7 grams)

Servings per Container: 30

Blue Rasberry & Pineapple:  Natural & Artificial Flavor, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Stevia Extract & Carmine (Natural Color).


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