Does sex really help you burn calories?

July 2, 2020

Your heart racing and your body sweating are both signs of you burning calories. Not coincidentally, that’s how the body reacts during sex. This exact fact has lead people to believe that sex is actually a good workout and can help you lose weight.

We can all agree that that counts as physical activity and burn calories but not as many as you might think. 

A research article on a study done on young healthy couples shows that sex does not burn more than 101 calories for men and 69 for women. The study included 21 heterosexual couples aged 20-25 years old. After the sexual activity, the couples were asked to run for 30 minutes on the treadmill. 

The team of researchers that conducted this study at the University of Montreal found that the number of calories burned by running far exceeded the number of calories burned during sex. Moreover. During the run on the treadmill, men burned 276 calories while women burned 213.

The study also concluded that men burn more calories during physical activity than women. This happens because men, on average, weigh more than women and they may be more active during sex. 

Although sex does not burn that many calories, it can still be considered as a valid exercise. In addition to that, sexual activity can be linked to a lowered risk of certain cancers and better mood & mental health.

But, the results of this study should be taken with a grain of salt. First of all, the sex in the study lasted up to 25 minutes while sex on average seems to last no more than 6 minutes (no foreplay) according to another study done by the New England Journal of Medicine. Another fact is that the people in the study were 20-25 years old and young people are more active during sex than the average person. According to this, a 30-something man will burn only 21 calories during sex.

In conclusion, in between the study done by the University of Montreal and the one done by the New England Journal of Medicine, which one is more believable. We say it does not matter. The fact is that as long as your heart rate is up and you are sweating, you’re burning some calories but if you’re looking to replace your gym with sex we say don’t. Although sex has its benefits, it can not replace your workouts.

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