How can I correct my posture?

April 11, 2020
incorrect and correct posture while standing

Posture is a big concern for most people nowadays. With most people working desk jobs it has become really common to experience back pain and bad posture. Lack of physical activity and the way we walk and stand up are other mayor factors on the way our body holds up, and genetic predispositions play a huge role as well.

The way our posture looks is another concern for most people. The esthetic reasons are still valid, but bad posture can cause a lot more harm than we might think. Some of the effects of bad posture, according to the National Institutes of Health online health information resource MedlinePlus, bad posture can cause:

  • Extreme back pain
  • Decrease your flexibility
  • Makes it harder to breathe
  • Makes food harder to digest
  • Wear away at your spine, making it more fragile and prone to injury

Things that are surprisingly harming your posture

While we know the main causes of bad postures, like sitting badly on the chair, having an uncomfortable bed or pillow, not exercising, etc. There are some other big factors that play a huge role in the way our body holds itself. These are everyday activities that we might not be able to avoid, but that we can maybe try to do better so we don’t harm ourselves.

Correct and incorrect driver sitting postures for healthy spine isolated on white background flat vector illustration


Driving long periods of time or even really frequently can cause your body and posture harm. Reclining can feel good when you drive, but it is very harmful to your posture long term. Instead, pull your seat close to the steering wheel, bend your knees slightly and try to sit as straight as possible.


This is not news, but health can be horrible for your back and posture. They disrupt the whole bone structure and put pressure on different muscles on the body so they can cause many problems. Wearing them for long periods of time can cause foot deformities, extreme pain, and of course bad posture.


According to WebMD, texting is one of the biggest causes of bad posture and thus back & neck pain and others. When we text, we are usually holding our head down and only helping worsen our bad back. To avoid this, try using your phone less often and if you can, try to keep a good posture when you text.

Too many weights or ab exercises

It sounds weird to say but too many ab exercises can be bad for you and here’s how. When you have a bad posture, doing too many ab workouts can lead to more problems. Now, you don’t have to stop doing these exercises but combining them with back workouts that help build your back muscles and support your spine is crucial.

How I can correct my posture

Although we are faced with challenges every day, and we might not have an alternative to sitting in a desk all day, there are things you can do to help your posture. These involve activity, tools you can use, and ultimately ways you can change your lifestyle and the quality of your life for the better. Incorporating these into your day to day life will make a huge difference and will save you a lot of pain and health issues that you might suffer because of bad posture.

things to do and not to do to correct your posture

Exercises for good posture

Lack of exercise is one of the main causes why you might be experiencing bad posture and here’s why. With lack of activity and movement, the muscles on your back that hold a lot of weight of your body become weaker. By sitting all day, we barely use these muscles, and thus they become inactive. This results in you being more slouchy and not holding your body right.

Exercise, especially back exercises, can be of great help in this case. When you work on the muscles that hold your posture all day, you make them stronger and thus make it easier for you to stand straight. Since going to the gym right now, consider doing home workouts.

Waist trainers for good posture

There are so many tools on the market that help your body stand straight and in a way that does not harm your health, Waist Trainers are one of them. This simple tool, made of strong materials is a great way for you to train your body to stand straight.

Yoga for good posture

For most, yoga might fall in the category of exercise when it comes to things that help posture, but honestly, it deserves its own category as it serves so many purposes and is more than physical activity. Yoga has proven to help so many people physically, mentally, and with their breathing. Yoga can be a great treatment for back and neck pain and you can really target the specific parts of the body. Yoga can also help make us more mindful of the way we treat our body and help longterm release the tension we hold in our shoulders or neck, which might be contributing to your bad posture.

If you’re experiencing bad posture and back problems try the Fitonomy App, where you can find 250+ exercises!

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