How Franny lost 150 lbs and Transformed Her Life

June 16, 2020

Weight loss is a journey that requires dedication and results in amazing transformations. The human body goes through growth and changes but one of the most dramatic and inspiring changes we have ever seen is that of Franny (@isfrannyfityet on Instagram).

Franny recently underwent a tummy tuck surgery that she wanted to do for a long time. We are so proud of her courage and her persistence throughout her journey and her decision to share it with thousands of people.

Franny has been part of the Fitonomy family for a really long time and we got to see her hard work and dedication early on. It’s this kind of dedication and hard work that pays off and gets you the results you want to see in your life. 

The weight loss journey is a rocky road

The journey to a healthier you is always rocky. Working on yourself, no matter in what aspect is always hard and challenging. There are times when you doubt yourself and question if you can do it. There are also times when you feel like it is easier to give up and continue living life just the way you are. Although loving yourself the way you are is the first step you have to make to be happy, sometimes loving yourself means changing yourself. Sometimes your old self does not serve who you’re supposed to become. Finding your calling and what makes you happy can require sacrificing a thing or two. 

Three lessons Franny taught us

Food is not your therapy

Franny has inspired us for two and a half years now but what are some of the lessons she’s taught us? Well, the first one, and possibly the most important is that something you love and makes you feel good at one point can harm you in the long run. In one of her many insightful captions, Franny shares the story of how food had turned into an addiction that was harming her. 

“Food consumed so much of my mind and my life. From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. Looking back I realize how much of an addiction it was. I didn’t understand it at the time but I do now.”

👉🏻 I remind myself daily that food is fuel and can not be my therapy.


It’s all you

Lesson number two is how dedication is the only key to success and your battles are your own. Although there are people who are going to inspire us and be with us along the way to hold our hands, we are the only person that has control. 

“Remember it’s your road and yours alone. People may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you.”

Weight loss is a choice

Lesson number three is that weight loss is a choice, and it is a choice only you can make. Every choice leads to the current you and healthy choices do pay off. Franny talks about how earlier in life she chose to deal with her emotions through food and drinking. When she started to take control of her life she started making healthier choices and this lead to a more determined and healthier person. 

“Weight loss is a choice. Making your health a priority is a choice. My choices before I changed my life were detrimental. Every weekend my life was a repetitive cycle of too much alcohol and TONS of fast food. When I think back now I can’t believe how abusive I was to my body and sadly I never even realized it until after I changed. I had to see my life from its new light to really see the damage.”

After 5 years of dedicating herself to her well being Franny lost 150 lbs. Like every other extreme weight loss journey, this one left her with excess skin that she wanted to remove as well. This year, after losing all the weight naturally, through diet and exercise, she finally took the leap and went ahead with it. 

In all big life transformations, it is best if we have an example, someone to look up to, and someone that serves as a reflection of who we want to become. Franny has been that for us and thousands of people. She has documented her recent surgery and recovery journey. Her surgeon recommended two procedures, a Fleur-de-Lis tummy tuck which is a lateral incision across the abdomen & vertical incision down the midsection. She also had a bra line back lift which addresses the loose skin on her upper back. 

Fitonomy supplements have been part of Franny’s weight loss journey and of her recovery from the surgery as well. Her doctor recommended she drinks protein so she stays strong and recovers faster. Franny has been using the Fitonomy Lean Whey Protein Powder to aid her on her journey.  To see her full transformation head over to her Instagram – @isfrannyfityet

Seeing Franny transform her life has been one of the most incredible experiences. PROUD is an understatement.

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3 days to go 🤞🏼 SWIPE TO SEE MY LOOSE SKIN 😳 this is the first time I’ve every shown you guys. Be kind 🤣 or don’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ either way I can’t wait to not have to tuck my skin in my pants any more 👏🏼 You guys surgery is on Monday, June 8th 😭🎉 I know some may be upset that I’m even posting about my plastics during this trying time but I really want to share this experience with you all. It has been 5 years of dedication and most of you have been here since day one. I can’t NOT share this part of the journey with you all. You guys are a huge part of why I’m even at this point in my journey & I know majority of you will be supportive as I venture through this next chapter. —————— For those that don’t know the basics I am 31 & have lost 150 lbs. naturally through diet & exercise. When I was 26 I was 331 lbs. & decided to change my life. My current weight fluctuates between 180-182 lbs. My lowest weight to date is 180 lbs. I am 5’4. ————————— SURGEON: @drjaimeschwartz Dr. Schwartz was recommended to me & does amazing work. I instantly felt comfortable with him & his staff. He is highly recommend & located in Beverly Hills, CA. Two procedures will be done a Fleur-de-Lis tummy tuck which is a lateral incision across the abdomen & vertical incision down the midsection. I will also be having a braline back lift which will address the loose skin on my upper back. I’ll post pictures of my back soon. ————— This isn’t covered by insurance I am paying out of pocket. I won’t be going into specifics on cost it’s all depending on what you get done and where you get it done. Recovery is 4-6 weeks but again I’m sure this is going to differ from person to person. I am taking 3 weeks off of work to recover at home. Vince will be taking care of me for the first few days of recovery 🥰 ————— Please drop additional questions below in the comments so I know what you want answered. Again, I will be posting more & will continue to keep everyone updated leading up to my big day, post op & recovery. Thank you for all of your support 🥺 turn on post notifications so you don’t miss any updates! #weightlossjourney #plasticsurgery #tummytuck #fitness #fitfam #extremeweightloss

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