How to Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

August 22, 2019

New Year’s resolutions can be hard to maintain. For some reason, we all start the year with these incredible goals that we say we’ll achieve during the year. However, as time goes by, we seem to drop them or forget about them, and this way, we are in the same place. Going to fitness or overall living a healthier life is something most people set as a new year’s resolution. During January, Google searches for fitness-related topics skyrocket and so do gym memberships.

Planning how you’re going to achieve these goals and stick to these New Years’ resolutions is the first step toward successfully doing so. I’m a big planner myself and I know that whenever I write something down and plan it to the details, there’s a very low chance I won’t do it. Simply having the resolution to become healthier is not going to cut it. If you really want to achieve results and see your body change in a healthier direction you need to take action.

Set SMART goals

SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. All of these are criteria that are used for setting objectives in management but they can be used in everyday life whenever you want to accomplish something. If you use these criteria to set your fitness goals as well, you will most likely stick to them.


When you set your fitness goals, be specific about it. Don’t just say you’re going to be healthier in the New Year, say you’re going to exercise 4 times a week and you’re going to cut fast food & soda drinks from your diet exactly.


Your goals should always be measurable. If you want to keep yourself accountable and want to see real results, you have to be able to measure them. That might be a certain weight or something as simple as the days you go to the gym. When you know you’ve exercised 4 days a week, you’ll feel better about yourself.


When setting your fitness goals, be careful not to bite more than you can chew. Starting small is sometimes the best thing you can do. Make sure you are really able to do the things you say you are going to do.


Relevancy in fitness goals means adapting your workout routine to your needs and body. Also, make sure that they don’t disturb your lifestyle and stress you out. Exercise should only benefit you, it mustn’t harm you.


Last but not least, your goals should be timely. That means you should create a timeframe in which you want to achieve these goals and really plan them accordingly to your schedule.

Create a Workout Routine


One of the hardest things but at the same time, the most important is sticking to a plan. The best way to do that is to create a routine. When you are used to doing something every day (like go to the gym) you will not forget to go. Repetition creates patterns in the brain and when we continuously do something we create good habits in our brains. A workout and meal plan is the perfect way to get into a routine. The Fitonomy App creates workouts and meal plans that help you achieve your New Year’s goals.

Take notes/pictures

One of the easiest and most effective things you can do to keep yourself accountable and stick to your goals is to take notes along the way. This will not only help you keep track of what you’re doing but it will also help motivate you when you look back at how far you’ve come.

Make your goals public

Making your goals public and telling people that you’re going to accomplish something can help. When other people know, you will almost feel ashamed to give up on your new year’s resolutions. Telling people that will keep you accountable and push you to do certain things helps a ton.

Implement the 10-second rule

The 10-second rule is something I heard recently and it honestly changed my life. The way it works is very interesting and there is no doubt that it is effective. Whenever you have to do something that you are dreading to do, start counting backward from ten. After the time is done, you have to do the thing. This works because your mind is busy counting and doesn’t have the time to come up with excuses.



Possibly one of the best pieces of advice I ever got was that I shouldn’t just give up on the things I enjoy, but rather replace them with healthier things. This one applies more when it comes to food but can be adapted to other things as well. If you really enjoy sweet things, try replacing chocolate or cake with healthier, homemade sweets.

To help you achieve your New Year goals try Fitonomy Supplements!

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