Is it safe to go to the gym? How to reduce COVID-19 risks while exercising

June 10, 2020

From self-quarantine to an unsure situation, we have spent most of the half of this year worrying about getting infected, getting others infected, staying safe but mostly staying sane. The effect that COVID has had on mental health is undeniable. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, we talked about home workouts being the safest and best way to stay active in quarantine but has that changed? Is it safe to go to the gym and what is the best way to reduce the risk of getting the virus while exercising?

Is there still a risk of Covid-19

Most countries of the world have opened back up and most states in the US have started to open up as well, even though the US is the country with the most cases and deaths from the virus. 

This situation has been hard on most. People are stuck between wanting to stay healthy by working out and wanting to stay healthy by staying at home. Depending on the number of cases & the trend that they are rising on, going to the gym might mean different things. 

When it comes to the risk you face if you go for a workout, it’s all down to probability. You might not get the virus even though you are constantly going out, but the risk is still there. Whether if you hang out with a small group of people or if you join a huge gathering, you are opening a window to the virus. 

Working out with a mask on

Is it safe to exercise with a mask on?

Generally speaking, it is safe to workout and go on a run with a face mask on. Most people will be okay exercising with a face mask on but you will have to monitor the way you are feeling your temperature, and ability to breathe.

The only time you should not exercise with a mask on is if you have an underlying health disease of the lungs and heart. 

Before you go to the gym after COVID

Make sure to ask your gym what they are doing to protect their customers and sanitize their equipment. If they have not already, ask them to provide you with hand sanitizers and make sure the gym is not overcrowded. 

With regulations being down, it has been left up to people to decide whether they are ready to take the risk. Depending on your own health, your family & friend’s health, or your ability to get treatment, it is on your own hands to decide if you want to go out or not. 

As for us, we recommend you follow the World Health Organization call to stay at home as much as you can and avoid big crowds. Invest in some dumbbells or weights of your choice and avoid going to the gym as much as you. By trying to be healthy you might accidentally make yourself sicker. Going outside into crowded places heightens the risk of you getting infected. Every contact with a person or a surface carries a risk of infection and spreading so the safest way to exercise is to do it at home. 

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