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I used to be the girl that put bacon on EVERYTHING. My instagram page actually started off as a bacon fan page; the idea of healthy food disgusted me. However, as I grew and me and my surroundings started to change, I became intrigued by the fitness world. I remember looking at incredibly muscley people and thinking “Wow, I could never look like that even if I tried”.

Once I stepped into this new world, I became obsessed. I would spend countless hours, pulling all nighters, researching different studies and opinions about this new and different realm that had intrigued me so much.

I spent two years heavy lifting without the support of a trainer, self-taught all the movements and eventually ended up injuring myself due to incorrect form. I, then, realized the importance and need for the personal trainer whom I’ve dismissed for so long, which led to my decision to become one. I became a certified personal trainer to help not only myself but others realize their goals and become that muscley person they thought they would never be.

I strive to teach my followers and clients the most pertinent and valuable exercise information so as they can pursue their fitness goals using precise, efficient and safe training methods!


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