What is Food Craving and How to Stop

April 29, 2021
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Do you suddenly get the feeling that you need to eat something sweet or salty with no explanation whatsoever? Food craving is the number one issue that people break the diet and healthy eating.

Craving food might come from boredom, like when you are staying in with nothing to do or at a party, even when you feel sad.

When you get a sudden urge to eat a specific food, always listen to your body to find why and avoid eating an unhealthy snack.

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Reasons why we crave a certain food

The reason why we crave something varies from being bored, being sad, emotions, smelling or seeing a particular food, pregnancy, and hormone imbalances or sleep deprivation. 

The type of food we crave might differ from our taste and what we like to eat. Some might crave salty food, sweet and spicy food it all depends. Usually, when we crave a certain type of food from a specific brand it is mainly because that food has been engineered to make our taste buds go crazy after them.

How to stop food cravings

There are plenty of ways and techniques to reduce food cravings.

  1. Drink Water

The number one way to avoid food cravings is to drink water. Sometimes if you crave something, you might just be thirsty.

  1. Avoid Hunger

Eat regular meals so you won’t get a sudden feeling of hunger because when you feel hungry you crave high-calorie foods.

  1. Eat more protein

Always try to eat a healthy diet filled with different nutrients so your body will stay full for a longer time. If you consume more protein you will get hungry slower. In case you are in the search for protein powder try our  Lean Whey Fitonomy protein powder.

  1. Get enough sleep
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Appetite is linked with how hormones work during the day.

Not sleeping enough might interfere with hormones and disbalances might cause strong food cravings. So try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

  1. Do not get stressed

Many of us crave something right in the middle of a stressful day or when we are feeling anxious the reason behind it is that our serotonin levels drop and we need some kind of sweet or greasy food to kick up our serotonin levels.

So to avoid cravings try not to get into stressful situations.

  1. Eat a lower calorie edition

When you crave something like chocolate cake or a fizzy drink, try to substitute them with the lower-calorie edition.
Make a cake from scratch and substitute sugar with a natural sweetener. Stevia is a very popular alternative to substitute sugar and it has 0 calories. If you get the urge to drink a soda or a high-calorie beverage always look for the diet version that usually contains less sugar and fewer calories.

  1. Ice cube
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Even though it may sound a bit weird, but chewing on an ice cube will take your mind of craving a particular unhealthy food or snack.

Craving food is normal and you shouldn’t feel guilty about having a craving for chocolate or ice cream, or chips. We all have our favorite snacks that we like to bite on time after time. 

But always consider that you can not outrun an unhealthy diet, it takes around 1 hour of cardio to burn about 455 calories (more or less depending on the person) while most of us eat snacks in the same amount of calories without ever taking into consideration how much harder we have to work for after to burn that same amount of calories. 

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