Why do US stores have so many sales on Black Friday?

October 15, 2020
black friday shopping

Most of the world is familiar with the holiday season discounts and sales that overflow the streets, online stores, and lately social media as well. The end of the year is usually the time when people spend the most and buy gifts for each other. 

But if you don’t live in the US you might not understand the concept of Black Friday and why it is so huge. You might see the news and pictures on social media of people fighting over a TV and, to be honest, that looks a little scary, even to us. It is times like that that we are thankful for online shopping :).

When did Black Friday start?

The history of Black Friday is a little complicated and has shifted during the years. 

At first, during 1869, the term Black Friday was associated with a financial crisis, not sales and shopping. After that, in the late 1800s shops recorded their by hand and noted profits in black and losses in red. 

But the name Black Friday and its association with shopping really took shape during the 1950s in Philadelphia. The day after Thanksgiving, a large group of people came to the city for the Army-Navy football game and they flooded the streets & shops and created a sense of chaos. Police officers weren’t able to take the day off and instead had to work. That’s why they called it Black Friday. This day later became known in print as Black Friday after an advertisement was published in The American Philatelist magazine in 1966.

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the period of time when most people prefer to shop. Considering the flow of customers, most businesses prefer to have their biggest sales then.

When is Black Friday this year?

Black Friday falls on the last Friday of November, the day after Thanksgiving. In 2020, Black Friday will be officially held on the 27th of November. Due to Christmas being so close, people take the chance to buy their Christmas presents on this day and get a good discount. 

When do Black Friday sales start?

In the beginning, Black Friday Sales used to last only during those 24 hours of Friday. Nowadays, Black Friday Sales last for weeks. This year, many companies have announced that they will start their sales early. With the pandemic still going on, most people plan to shop online and retailers want their customers to get their packages before Christmas.

Is Black Friday just on Friday?

Black Friday is on the last Friday of November but Black Friday Sales usually lasts for weeks. The 2020 Black Friday Sale is expected to be the biggest one yet and online brands are at the forefront. 

Is Black Friday on every Friday?

Black Friday is only on the last Friday of November, the day after Thanksgiving.

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